Sungazing @HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin 

Services: Visual concept & Video Work

Anti Atlantis 
Services: Concept & Art Direction 

If Atlantis is the story of an ancient culture destroyed by nature, then Anti-Atlantis represents its opposite – a future landscape destroyed by the human culture of excess. Anti-Atlantis calls for the moment of awakening. In the time travel between the past and future, Anti-Atlantis brings attention to our present behavior, its consequences, and impulses for change. This multi-sensory work illustrates the passage through a dystopian vision of the future, a bleakness we believe can be overcome through collective effort, a process that begins through realization, through awakening.

Exhibited as a part of Aerial Palettes at Wehrmuehle Biesenthal,
Part of CODESS by UY Studio at Berghain Halle,

On view in 360 space at Art in Space Gallery , Dubai until 3rd and collectable on Art in Space platform.

 3d lettering for Melbourne-based Design Agency BLURR. In collaboration with Charlotte Rohde.

CODESS Zine for UY Studio Berlin

UXC Campaign for UY Studio
Services : Creative Direction and Concept, Videography & Photography